Just do it!

I am the kind of a person who always listens to my heart. If and when I try to analyse things or think things through or in general be critical about a particular thing, the thing never works for me. I end up screwing it or messing it up completely. This quote cannot define me any better. For me especially, I am an instinctive person and if I got against this natural nature of mine, it never proves beneficial. I am not saying that all of you must be so, all I am saying is embrace your natural nature and try to work around it. Your first instinct knows the best for you.

Better an oops than a what if…it couldn’t be any truer, could it? What would you prefer, doing something and failing at it or not doing it and regretting it for the rest of your life, when you wouldn’t even know whether you would have succeeded or not in it? Follow your heart, listen to your soul, take the plunge and never regret anything in life.

Sure, I have made mistakes, zillions of mistakes, but do I regret them? No, because at some point in life that was what I wanted and I was happy with it. What is important is that I did it, though they turned out to be an ‘oops’ for me, at least they didn’t stick with me for a lifetime as a ‘what if’. Make mistakes, learn from them, try to various new things, experiment, but keep moving along and never regret anything in life with ‘I wish I would’ve done that’, ‘what if I had done that, how would be my life right now?’ You will only get the answers to such questions by taking the risk and doing it.

Better an oops than a what if…


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