Birthday Cake

Birthday – Part I

It was my 23rd birthday on 5th May and I won’t lie about it, but somehow the number freaked me out. I don’t mind getting older and I am not scared of the numbers but somehow just this one number ’23’ freaked me out. Probably because of the fact that this is the year a lot of changes are going to take place or simply because this year can completely transform my life.

My birthday started off with my school friends coming to wish me at midnight with the birthday cake, which I think was really sweet of them. It is only when you are out of college that you realise who truly is there for you and who isn’t. People surely wish you on FaceBook, but very few people will spare 2 mins to actually send you a personal message or call after seeing the reminder. It means a lot to me when friends I am not even in touch with, make sure to at least drop me a message every year. As we get older, our circle starts getting smaller and smaller. So was the case with my birthday. But I am really glad that it started off with the people who mean a lot to me, people who really care for and who love me. No unwanted people this year, just everyone who are a part of my small inner circle.

Anyway, that was that. On the actual day, my day started off in a very unusual manner, something that I have never done. I woke up at 5:15 AM, I mean I had to. I am not at all a morning person. But I have this Yoga Internship going on, for which I had to take the class. I met these students just 4 days before my birthday and all of them were so sweet, they wished me, sang the birthday song like we used to in school, gave me their blessings and good wished. It was a different yet amazing start of my birthday. For lunch, we went to Madeira and Mime in Powai. I must say, I absolutely loved the place. In fact, you can read the detailed review about it on Zomato. I had a great time over there, after which we went to the Powai Lake to chill for a while till the time our Uber came.

For dinner, I went to Barbeque Nation with my family. No, my birthday wasn’t just about the food, but hey, I am a Punjabi and food is important. I had a good time over there too. It’s like a family ritual to have dinner together on birthdays and I absolutely love it.

Just 4 days before my birthday, my sister had taken me shopping and she knows how crazy I am when it comes to perfumes. I always wanted a perfume from Parcos, but since a majority of them are expensive, I always thought to enter that store when I had a good amount of cash with me. Suddenly, while shopping, my sister entered the Parcos store and asked me, ‘Which one do you want?’ I was completely shocked! I wasn’t even ready to enter the store. But since she wasn’t coming out, I had to step in. In just 2 minutes we came out of the store with a Parcos bag and a Calvin Klein Perfume!!! I cried for 30 minutes straight. I am strange that way, I get over emotional when something really touches me.

Ah! It was such an amazing day!


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