YogaDiaries – Week 38

Yoga exams have come to an end and I think I did pretty well in the examination. For the first time in my life, I wasn’t scared of exams. In fact, I was excited and looking forward to them. I think this happens only when you are really passionate towards something, right? Yoga is like magic for me. It has the power to calm me down, make me feel happy and good about myself and others in general. I am in my best element right after practising Yoga. It is sheer magic.

Week 38 began with a general gathering of all our centres and an overall briefing about our following month. So the last month of our course consists of a month long Internship, wherein we have to look at every little thing, right from generating awareness about this summer camp for people to organising and maintaining our centre, to giving out forms, managing receipts, teaching, giving demos, studying, solving queries, making people feel comfortable and what not.

So, we were briefed about our internship and later distributed into groups to form our centres. Luckily I got my centre near my house, so I don’t have to commute much. Since I am not a morning person, the little catch about this month long internship is its timings – 6 AM – 7:15 AM. But, I think I will manage that too because I will be waking up for something I love.

The same day, after the briefing, Kaivalyadham Mumbai had organised a 2-day conference on the theme – Yoga and Youth, and I really wanted to attend it. So, this was my first Yoga Conference and I loved it. Honestly, it was a bit of overdose for me so for a while I also chilled at the Marine Drive, but overall it was a very good experience. We had some great and eminent speakers at the conference and also our Guruji was also a key panellist at one of the session.

Week 38 was pretty amazing for me. Learnt so many new things, interacted with different people, stepped out of my comfort zone, did things I never thought I would do and learnt to have conversations with people from completely different backgrounds and personalities.

I love Yoga and every little opportunity that it brings along for me.
|| Hari Om ||


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