Biotique Aloe Vera Sunscreen Review

Hey, you guys!

Summers are here! Although I love this season, because I get to wear shorts and tank tops, but it also means that its time to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. I have really sensitive skin, so whenever I purchased any sunscreen, it never really suited my skin type. This summer I had decided that no matter what I will find my perfect fit, and guess what? I did!
I decided to buy this Biotique Aloe Vera Sunscreen as it is made out of natural ingredients and I was sure it wouldn’t harm my skin, so I thought of giving it a try. After using the product for a few weeks now, I thought of reviewing it on the blog.

It comes in a typical Biotique packaging, in a see-through plastic bottle with a green screw cap. I didn’t find any problem with the packaging of the product as I was desperate for a sunscreen that suits me, so honestly any packaging would have done for me.

The lotion is neither too thick nor too watery. It blends right into the skin and doesn’t even feel heavy while wearing it. Apply a liberal amount of lotion 30 minutes before stepping out of the house and you are good to go. It is perfect for my sensitive skin, it also doesn’t leave any white cast and doesn’t make my face/body look greasy too. It does the work of a good sunscreen and didn’t tan me till now.

Product Description:
The Biotique Aloe Vera Sunscreen comes with a 30+ SPF and is a UVA/UVB sunscreen. It is for normal to oily skin type, but it also worked for my sensitive skin. It works as an ultra soothing face lotion too. Made up of natural ingredients, it is an Ayurvedic recipe of a combination of ancient and modern therapies. It helps reduce the risk of skin ageing, skin cancer and other harmful effects of the sun.

Definitely, a thumbs up! Will I buy this product again? Hell, yeah! I just cannot think of stepping outside of my door without using this product generously over my body and face.

120 ml


Where to buy:
I bought it from Nykaa and since they had some discounts going on, I got it for ₹247/-



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