Eyebrow thoughts every girl has!


For us, girls, eyebrows are a big thing. They can totally change the way you look and also magically give your face a good glow! It is very important for us to hit the salon every month to get these babies done. Here are a few thoughts that cross every girl’s mind while getting her brows done!

  • It’s going to be easy. I do this every month, I can do this again and this time without any drama.

  • Oh, the torture has started, make it stop, it’s going to get worse. Okay, it’s fine doesn’t pain that much.

  • Yeah lady, fine, I’ll hold my skin tightly, stop bossing around!

  • Oh no, oh no no no no no, under my eyebrows, sh*t it’s going to pain, be strong be strong, *screams inside*

  • *slowly starts moving the head to get away from the pain*
    Eyebrow Lady: Ma’am please keep your head straight.
    Me (in my head): Oh what do you know, you evil woman. Why are you doing this to me, what wrong did I do to you?!

  • What did she have for breakfast this morning, argh, brush your teeth, woman!

  • Scissors! I love scissors, so cold and gentle on my skin, ah! keep doing that lady!

  • Gel? Hell yeah! I love gel!

  • *Checks my eyebrows in the mirror* Wow! Look at my eyebrows, look at my face!
    I don’t mind doing this every month, to look amazing!
    That was pretty easy, I guess I am getting quite better at it.
    Wow, no drama this time, I totally nailed it!



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