YogaDiaries – Week 30 & 31

The exams season has commenced. It was our last class in these weeks and I am really sad about that fact. This last one year has been really amazing to me. I started off with this class with a bunch of strangers and now when the end is near, I can say that I have made some good friends over here. Being the youngest one in this course, everybody welcomed me with open arms and I got all the attention and love.

It was difficult initially as everyone was older to me and they grasped all the spiritual knowledge much more easily than I did. But, I soon picked it up because I was very much interested in this yoga knowledge.

Anyway, we still have 2 months remaining for the course to end, but these 2 months have nothing but exams and tests. Post which I will become a Certified and Trained Yoga Instructor. Ah! I feel so happy about it already.

So in this week, we had our lesson planning exam, wherein we had to plan a whole lesson on Asana and Mudra. It was pretty good. My ma’am told me that she sees a lot of potential in me and that somehow motivated me to work hard and I am going to do just that. She also told me that she expects a lot from me. I won’t let her down.

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Let’s focus and study
|| Hari Om ||


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