Scent 101

Who doesn’t like to smell great? For me, that’s one of the first things I notice about anybody. I mean, we all perspire and that is absolutely normal, but when this perspiration takes the form of body odour, it can get really stinky. You can be in the best of your outfit or makeup but if you stink, everything else is also going to stink!

Of course, there are various ways in which you can eliminate the degree of your body odour, but the simplest one we believe is to simply apply some scent, right? The question is, do you really know what kind of a scent you are supposed to use and when? You don’t need to spray a deodorant if you are heading to a party and similarly, you can’t wear a perfume if you are hitting the gym! It is very common to get confused between all the kinds of smells available in the market at present, but I am sure this article will help you in some way or the other.

Basically, there are three types of basic scents available in the market: Perfume, Deodorant and Body Mist. Let’s take a look at these types in detail.

  • Perfume:

Perfumes are basically those scents that leave a strong impression in your head. They are those fragrant liquids that are composed of aromatic scents, alcohol and oil components. By aromatic scents I mean extracts from herbs, flowers, spices, etc. They are highly concentrated liquids because of which the smell lasts longer and the bottles cost higher. They are mainly worn on your clothes or on certain parts of your body like behind your ears, wrist or neck. But they are not meant for spraying all over your body and should be used sparingly.

Perfumes just give you the right amount of fragrance and cannot be used as an antiperspirant.

  • Deodorant:

They are also called as antiperspirants that help you keep the body odour at bay. They are basically applied under your arms as a roll on spray, or it can be sprayed in your armpits from a certain distance and should not be used in any other part of your body. However, if your deodorant doesn’t contain antiperspirant properties then you can use it on various parts of your body and not just underarms. The scent doesn’t last longer, though.

Deodorants can be worn when you know you are going to sweat and they can’t be used to give you a good fragrance while going to a party, because the scent will fade away soon.

  • Body Mist:

Commonly, it is also known as the body splash, body water or body spray. They are a lot similar to perfumes or you can say they just the milder version of perfumes as they do not contain a high concentration of oil components. Being a mild version, the scent can wear off soon and you would be required to spray in on again and again.

Costing much cheaper than perfumes, body mists can be sprayed directly on the skin. For a fresh start to the day, you can spray on some generous amount of body mist on your skin, right after you step out of the shower.

I hope this article has cleared out some basic confusions about the differences between scents.

Spread your own fragrance!

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