YogaDiaries – Week 27, 28 & 29

Yoga has become an integral part of my life now. I feel so deeply connected with this beautiful form that I can surely do this for life. I aspire and have set a few goals for myself in the same field and I will work hard to achieve them.

The last few weeks have been very challenging, and the challenges are bound to increase all the more. We had our unit test last week, which went pretty well, I think. So all that I have on my platter is books, exams and yoga. Surprisingly, for yoga related exams, I much more into it than ordinary exams. I feel like studying and knowing more about the theoretical aspects.

We also had our first class conduction in the last two weeks, wherein we had to conduct the class just like our gurus take our class. It was fun, as in I even conducted the class of the part I was assigned and I was also the demonstrator for my group-mates. All in all, it was an amazing experience and I am really looking forward to having more of such sessions. This is just the beginning, right?

PS: If you would like to see more of my yoga-related pictures, you can follow me on my Instagram, that is especially dedicated to Yoga, my handle is @assorted_yogadiaries

Keep studying, keep practising
|| Hari Om ||


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