It’s never too late!

It is never too late to write a new chapter in the book of life, to turn the page or even close the book. It is your life, be in control of it or somebody else might simply take over. No! Break free from anything that is holding you back and do what you want to do, what your heart wants. You only have this one life to live, don’t waste it and most importantly, don’t go against your happiness just to please others.

My life could have been something completely different right now, but I am glad that things turned out to be the way they are right now. If only I would have taken control of the situations, my story could’ve started a little bit earlier than it originally did. But fate worked in my favour, it won’t always. Don’t leave it up to fate every single time. Be in charge. I swear, I can’t imagine my life without this one chapter in my index, my complete story would’ve been incomplete without it. Be the storyteller and not a mere reader of your own book.

More than anything, keep writing about these little chapters and notes, let it be for your personal use and not necessarily public, but just write them down. Because after a few years, when you decide to look back, those words will bring back so many emotions in your life. Words can be so beautiful and so hurtful at times, but let us just focus on the beauty of life. Life is really beautiful when you are happy in it. And how can you be happy? By giving your heart what it desires.

Your heart wants to break free of some relations, but you aren’t because you can’t break somebody’s heart even at the price of breaking your own heart? Don’t do that, with a broken heart you can’t love anybody, instead follow your heart and ask that person out who makes you happy. Do things that make you happy and never ever give up on that happiness.

I am glad that I have one such chapter in my book that played the role of a story changer. My story could’ve been something really different, but I am so so happy that that chapter happened. A chapter that is really close to my heart.

Write your own story, be your own storyteller!


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