Story Time – When I almost lost my iPhone

Happy and in conversation with a fellow Yoga student, I was coming back home after my class, this lady offered me a ride back home (also a Yoga student). We got into the car and got talking about various things. Being in my Yoga track pants, I completely forgot that my pockets were a bit loose to keep my phone in there safely. So I got down near my society and my immediate reaction was to check my pocket to make sure my iPhone was with me, it wasn’t. My gut instinct told me to wave frantically at the car while she was leaving, but I thought to myself, “It’ll probably be in my bag.” I quickly checked my bag, it wasn’t there. By then she had driven away. I was panicking at that moment because all my numbers were in my phone, I didn’t know for sure if my iPhone was in her car or had it slipped out of my track pant near the school, I didn’t know what to do.

I ran home because I thought I could quickly message a few people on FaceBook and get her number. I was hoping that the phone would be with her. As I came running home, I saw my Dad’s car wasn’t parked in the lot, but to my surprise he had just taken it out and was waiting for my sister to come down, they were going out to get some breakfast. Anyway, even being scared and panicky, I told him ‘I guess I lost my iPhone.’ He wasn’t prepared for this, because hey, it’s an expensive phone. So he asked me to get into the car and we would go and check near the school premises whether the phone is there somewhere or not. Till then I quickly logged into FaceBook and messaged a few people and got the lady’s number from here and there. By that time we had reached the school, I saw a thing looking like a phone on the road, completely destroyed, like a road roller had run over it. My heart started beating heavily, but it wasn’t my phone, it was just a destroyed screen guard. I tried calling the lady but she wasn’t answering her phone. Just then it clicked to me that I had kept the ‘Find my iPhone’ setting ‘on’ on my iPhone. Though I hadn’t tried this feature earlier, I had to do it now. My heart beats finally came to a normal speed when the location was detected, it was near the lady’s place. So, I knew that the phone was in her car. Finally, she called back and told me that my phone was with her. And that’s how I got my iPhone back, after 2 hours of crazy search.

Moral: Always listen to your gut instinct, be grateful to FaceBook and use the ‘Find my iPhone’ feature on time. But seriously, thank god for that feature!

PS: I am generally very careful of my personal belongings, I don’t know how this happened for the first time. But its all right, new lesson I suppose, I will be more careful henceforth.

PPS: Turn the ‘Find my iPhone’ setting ‘On’ all you Apple iPhone users!


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