Types of people you don’t need in your life!

We all make these fancy New Years’ Resolution but seldom keep them. But this New Year, instead of the normal resolutions like going to the gym, keeping your closet clean and what not, try to stick to this one resolution and you will not regret it. This New Years’ take a resolution to stay away from toxic people. You definitely don’t need this kind of negativity in your life. Probably, you don’t even consider these people to be negative, but try staying away from them and you will see the difference. What kind of toxic people you ask? Let’s dive in:

These kinds of people soak up so much of your time that they do full justice to a sponge. And after being with them all you think to yourself is, ‘I could have utilised my time in a much better way!’


You definitely don’t need these species in your life. Sure it is good to get some criticism to do better in life, but constant criticism? You can give that a miss.


These are the kind who like to play the victim in every situation, even when nothing has gone wrong. And what happens? They want sympathies, all the time. They are very harmful to you, so stay away.


Pressure Cookers:
These pressure cookers are very short tempered. They tend to get angry quite often and over nothing. Stay away from them and keep your head cool. You don’t need this unnecessary stress in your life.


Need I say anything about them? They claim to be your good friends, but they lie to you in your face. Time and again they’ll lie to you and cover it up like they didn’t do anything wrong. Don’t fall for this kind and maintain distance.

Liar nose

Trust me on this one, this kind will gossip around and with you ALL THE TIME. And even if you don’t like gossiping, they’ll pull you into that swirl, after which everyone considers you to be a gossiper. They’ll also keep the gun on your shoulder to fire and you won’t even notice.


Drama Queens:
Trust me you don’t need this drama in your life’s movie. Their life is any which way a super hit movie.


‘What will others think?’:
Anyone who uses this dialogue on you for any situation, throw them out of your life instantly. It’s your life and you can live it the way you want to without worrying about what others will think. So to hell with those dialogue delivers.


Do you have any such people in your life that you need to kick out?


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