YogaDiaries – Week 21

I am very excited to share the details about this week’s Yoga class! Well, this Sunday we had our class at Yeoor Hills, which is a hilly area in Thane City and is a perfect place for some peace and tranquil. It was a complete program which started off with some deep meditation and OM chanting, followed by breakfast and bhajans (spiritual songs) accompanied by the harmonium, it’s strange how today’s generation is forgetting about the traditional musical instrument, right? Anyway, post the bhajans we had a lecture on Yoga Therapy and the session ended with some chilled lemon sherbet. By the way, all of this happened in the open. We were sitting at the top of the hills surrounded by nature. There was absolutely no city noise reaching up there, all we could hear was the chirping of birds, and peace.

Our Gurus always tell us to avoid thinking about various things while meditating but this time they said something different. They told us,”Like every time we aren’t going to tell you to shut your mind, let nature have its effect on you.” And guess what? They were right. Amidst all the tranquillity, no alien thought was entering our minds, at least I can vouch for my mind. I was at peace.

I am not really a nature person, and I would prefer city life over nature any day. But it was that day that I realised, a little bit of time around nature does no harm. I was feeling so fresh and at peace, in spite of waking up early, I didn’t yawn even a single time while I was over there. The lush greenery was so refreshing and beautiful that I didn’t feel like leaving that place. A little nature is essential every now and then, not to disconnect from the city life but to connect with yourself. Spend some time amidst nature and away from your phone, work and tensions and get ready to discover yourself.

Here are a few pictures from this refreshing day:


Looks so peaceful, right?



With my previous group


The whole batch! Can you find me?


The Gurus showing us a new way to applaud


Early morning meditation session

|| Hari Om ||


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