The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream Review

I have really sensitive skin, so before applying any product I need to think twice. I need to think more than twice when it comes to my face. I am very particular about the products that I use on my face and I always prefer something natural with fewer chemicals for my face. I was looking for a moisturiser for my face and what could be better than The Body Shop products. Without much contemplations, I decided to give the Vitamin E Moisture Cream a shot, and I love it. Read on for the detailed review of this product.

This fragrant baby pink colour cream comes in a small jar, which makes the application quite easy. All you need to do take off the lid and dip in your finger.


Being in a jar with an open mouth, the application process is very easy. The cream is lightweight and does not feel heavy on the face. It glides, blends and absorbs smoothly across the skin and gives a fresh feel. This moisturiser definitely locks in the moisture and protects your skin all day long.



Whenever I notice that my face isn’t giving me the glow that I need, I quickly dab some of this cream on my face and it instantly brightens my face without making it look oily. Suitable for all skin types, I think this hydrating cream deserves to be tried by everyone. And what can be better for your skin than Vitamin E?


50 ml

I think I have found my perfect moisturiser!


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