YogaDiaries – Week 20

They sure are training us to be good teachers! We now have a project to submit, not exactly a dissertation, but something on the similar lines. I am kind of excited but at the same time also nervous about it. It will require a good amount of research and understanding. And it is something important and I want to do it with all my heart and hard-work.

We have so many theory lectures going on right now, that I already feel I have learnt so much, but of course, I want to learn more. I am loving each and every moment of this course. They have again called the demonstrator to help us perfect even the basics of the basic asanas. It makes me happy when I experience all the stretches and bends. Yoga is all about experiencing every pose. It is not about how well can you perform or do it or how flexible you are, it is about how much can you do it as per your capacity and then experiencing the changes.

Keep Yoga-ing

|| Hari Om ||


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