I miss her..!

I lost my best friend over a misunderstanding. She started dating this guy and she chose him over me. I didn’t know this guy personally, it was only through her that I knew things about him, based on that I didn’t really approve of him, but I never really told her to break up with him or something. But sadly, she started thinking that I am not really happy for her or that I wish negative/bad for her. This was really surprising to me because I thought she knew what kind of a person I am, apparently not.

Call it fate, we ended up at the same office, things were awkward initially, but then we found our equilibrium to maintain the professional position. But as we had anticipated, things got rough over there too. I quit my job after that, because I just couldn’t cry every day over her and how things had gotten with us. Again, somehow I was asked to rejoin the organisation and that, in turn, was a very good thing that happened to us. We kind of cleared out much of the professional misunderstandings. But it turned out that she blocked me from all her social media platforms because her boyfriend was coming back in town and she didn’t want me to see her personal life because ‘I wish bad for her’. Isn’t your best friend choosing another guy over you, heartbreaking enough that she goes on to have this prejudice about you that you don’t wish well for her? But anyway, she must have her situations, it’s okay. I don’t need to prove it to her or anybody on what she means to me or rather meant to me.

I know we can never be normal again, but it was just in my head that I can’t hold grudges for a person who meant a lot to me. I mean, even now when I look back to the amazing photos that we had during our college times, it still makes me miss her, but obviously, priorities. It’s okay, I guess. After I quit my job, she started calling me and talking things out about her office frustrations, I thought that maybe even she wants to solve things and move on. So yesterday, since I was around the office area, I called her up and asked if she wants to meet, she said yes. But the moment she came in front of me, that was the coldest way in which she has ever met me. I just stood there looking at her and wondering, ‘Who is this person?’ She seems like a different person to me now. It feels like time has run out, nothing can be altered now. This is how things are going to be. I have lost her forever.

I feel sad that she didn’t really know the real me, she just went ahead and judged me, for whom? For a third person, whom she met online, her boyfriend, she chose him over me. That was my role in her life. Wow.

I still miss her, but I know nothing can be done. I wish her all the best in her life, sadly she is wrong, I don’t wish bad for her. But I wish that the guy she chose over me, never breaks her heart and I hope all this is worth it in the end. I miss the person that she was, the friendship that we shared, I miss her, not the new person that she is now. I don’t know this new person, hence I will not judge her. Now she is just somebody that I used to know.

Sorry for the sad story, but I was kind of feeling low about it and just wanted to get it out somewhere.

Never break friendships!


5 thoughts on “I miss her..!

  1. Chosen over you, how many times will you say this? It sounds so different…..it sounds that you are over possessive of this friendship…….remember one thing…..in life you are born for yourself and should live for yourself, I’m not quoting to be as selfish, but you shouldn’t be depending on relationships or anything for moving ahead…..

    • I am not over possessive, it just feels bad when someone does that, someone who was very close to you. But I get your point. I am done with that part, just wanted to completely get it out of me, hence I just wrote it down.

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