Make room for more..!

Since I have some renovation work going on in my house, I had to pack all my stuff into these cardboard boxes. Initially, it all seemed to be easy and fun, but that is so not how my packing process is going on. First I thought I would just dump all my things into the boxes but then I realised that I needed to sort everything out because I won’t be having enough space in my new room.

So began the process of sorting all my old stuff and deciding whether I would need them in my future or should I just discard them. Then you know the drill of cleaning the cupboards, you end up looking back at the past by holding on to that one item in your hand and you are in this dilemma whether you want to still keep it in your life and toss in the bin. It is difficult, my friend. Even I ended up in such a situation. I found my old Slam Books, drawing books, notes, last pages of my school books, photographs and such nice old memories. But then I also found some bad memories that were pushed in the back of my bookshelf. A few letters, greeting cards, gifts and guilt. It brought back some bad memories from the past and now the dilemma that crossed my mind was how to get rid of this stuff without anyone noticing it. Of course, I tore it into bits and showed it the bottom of the bin.

But what about my old craft items and my collection of Hrithik Roshan’s newspaper cuttings? I can’t throw them away. But come to think of it, there is no point in holding on to them either, they would just be packed in a box in the back of my store room. It is so difficult to decide.

The point of this whole thing is that a few weeks ago in my Yoga class, our Sir was advising us to let go of the old stuff to make room for new. I had noted in agreement at that point but now when I am in that situation, boy it is tough to let go!

Brain says: ‘Let it go, let it go, can’t hold it back anymore’ (Got the reference? 😉 Please say Yes )
Heart says: ‘That’s your childhood, so what if you won’t use those items, hoard it and we’ll build some new shelves for the new stuff.’

What to do? Help


7 thoughts on “Make room for more..!

  1. This is so me, especially the time when I have to reset my cupboard 😛 There is a lot of stuff with which I am always like “keep it or not to keep it anymore” and then this conversation ends up on “Let it be, I will make space for my new stuff somehow, but I can’t let this go.” 😛 😀

    Maybe I am just too much attached to these things ❤ 😉
    After all this, if I am in anyway willing to advice you for same, keep it 😛 It feels so good to look over these belongings some times later (only the good ones).

    • Haha, the last bracket phrase!
      I had made up my mind to keep all the old stuff, but that one dialogue from my mom kind of changed the situation: ‘Sure, keep it, we aren’t going to buy another shelf for you.’
      But nonetheless, I will keep a few things, because they are just so special to let go.

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