Smart ways to save money

Being just a fresh-out-of-college person, I don’t have a steady/fixed income. But nevertheless, I always have money on me as compared to my friends who are also of the same age. So, be it any dinner plans or weekend plans, I never really have to worry about my money. Not that I spend recklessly, but it’s just that I save sufficiently. You can save it too, here’s how:

Separate it:
If you are working or you get your pocket money, whatever may be the source of your income, separate it. What do I mean by that? Well, just take out 1/2 or a little more than that out of your income and save it. You don’t need to touch this money, you can either save it in your bank or invest it, but do not splurge it. You have the remaining amount to splurge as and when you want.

Think and Spend:
Why do you need to finish off all your money on transportation when you can save those few extra bucks? Give the local ride a miss and walk the distance or take a public transport, as simple as that. Health is wealth, right?

If you have some huge shopping to be done in the next month’s sale, you know that might lead to a little personal financial crunch, so why not plan your spendings? Save this month and a little the next month so that you don’t face any problems in the consecutive month.

Save those changes:
Now, whenever my mother asks me to get something from the nearby store, I usually don’t return the loose change. No, I don’t steal it, but instead, I put it in my box (Yeah I am 22 years old but I still have a sort of a piggy box) And when I open the box in a couple of months interval I have a mini fortune right there from all the loose change. I simply go and deposit that in my bank account.

Just little steps that will prove to be a lot helpful in the long run. Try it yourself and you will feel a lot more secure with your money.

Save Money


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