Relationships, not everyone is lucky enough to have them, and for those who have them are not hardworking enough to make it sustain. And by relationships, I don’t necessarily mean a couple’s relationship, but it also includes the relationship that we share with our friends, parents, teachers or even enemies for that matter. All it takes is a moment, a brief moment to screw up the whole relationship. One silly mistake, and *puff*, congrats, you have screwed it up.

I don’t get the point how is it that simple for some people to jeopardise their relationship with someone for just a moment of pleasure or satisfaction! Relationships, though take years to form, they still balance on that one single thread. And if you are crazy enough to break that thread, then be ready for the consequences as well, nothing severe, just that you would never be able to go that perfect thread line ever again. Sure, the other person might give you another chance, another moment, but things can never be exactly the way they used to be.

In any relationship, it is very important for two people to grow with each other. It is not a business or societal matter that you pull the other person down to get up. No. Here, to reach the top you need that person with you. And even if you reach up first, remember to turn around and give that person a hand and pull them up as well. It is because of your loved ones unclaimed support that you are where you are, never forget that.

You will never get anything good out of doing bad things behind someone’s back, that someone who has all the trust and faith in you. Why complicate life when you can be true to someone? In this fast-paced world of today, where people don’t have time to think even for themselves, isn’t it amazing when someone has the time to think about you, someone other than themselves? Value it.

We often make this mistake of not valuing something when we have it and regret our decisions when we don’t have it. Don’t do that. Let’s spend more time or at least make more time for our relationships. Let’s take that effort. Ask yourself one thing, ‘Who will remember you when you die? Your relations or your money/hectic life?’

Try doing this and life will be so much better. I am not telling you to just cut down on your work, or don’t run behind your dream, all I am asking you is amidst all this chaos don’t forget your relations.

Spread love, be in love.


9 thoughts on “Relationships

  1. Relationships are surely running across a fine thread. The minute you get heavy on it, they’ll just snap. Well written Juhi! You’ve just kicked me up my backside to trot back to all the r’ships I’ve lost out on over the years. Cheers👍

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