October Favourites!

Is October over already? Damn, it just brushed away, didn’t it? 31 days went in a jiffy and didn’t even feel like it. Well, that is the case with year ends. How I love the year ends, though! Anyway, my October was good, with people around me and not just my Macbook, read on:

Last Day at Work, again: I finally quit from that stupid workplace of mine. And it has never felt this good! I feel so relaxed working for myself now, and on my times with good people, I can’t even tell you. It’s done, over.

Yoga Exam: I had my First Term’s exam in this month, and I happy to tell you guys that it went well. I am proud of myself that I got into this course and I am loving every bit of it, even the theoretical part.

Dinner Date: My sister and I hardly get any time to spend together, it is because both of us have got so busy with our schedules that it gets difficult to be free at the same time. I love spending time with her, she doesn’t know this, but yes, I do. Finally, one evening she told me that she is free and I couldn’t let that opportunity go. We just chilled by a local café, but the date was worth it. Finally, we got some time together.

Diwali: You guys must be knowing by now that I love having people around me and getting dressed up and enjoying. What can be a better occasion for this other than the festival of light, Diwali? I love how everyone is happy and together-together for festivals. As usual, my Diwali was spent with my family. We had a puja at our place followed by doing the same thing at our office. And the best part was being together, happy, more than anything.

Girls Day Out: Remember I had told you guys about how all my college friends are off to different things in life and we don’t get to meet that often now? So, it was the last day of October and we all decided to catch up. I can’t even tell you how amazing it was to meet all of them together. I miss hanging out with them. But whenever we do meet, we make sure we have a great time together.


Now that I have written this post, my October kind of feels like a reunion/people month to me.

How was your October?


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