Be your own Goal..!

Every time we scroll up and down our Facebook or Instagram’s Feed, ‘Goal’ posts are sure to be there. Sadly, by goals, I don’t mean the aim-in-life types of goals, but goals like:

‘OMG! Your hair are goals! #HairGoals’
‘You guys make such a cute couple, aww! #CoupleGoals’
‘Your figure! Wow! #BodyGoals’
‘Nice abs, bro! #PhysiqueGoals’


Why are we so interested or rather into other people’s lives to have them as our goals? It is different to be inspired by somebody and setting them as their goals for every little thing.

It saddens me to see every young girl or guy on Instagram commenting on other people’s profile with such hashtags. Sure, get motivated with such pictures, but not everything is #Goals. Be your own superhero, yeah, you can do that, or rather you can be that. You can achieve everything that you want to, all you need is dedication. In this world of #Goals, be the one that not only comments such hashtags but also becomes that. Not just alone, but also you can also be the one to motivate people around you to do better in life.

We already have enough people to pull us down in life, why not just be the hand-giver and pull others up with you?

Comment below and let me know who has helped you in life in the smallest way possible, but you still remember them. Let’s spread some kindness.

Be your own Goal and help others move up the ladder too!


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