The BloomingTale

The Brahmakamal flower is consider to be very rare and auspicious. It is believed that the flower blooms only once a year and that too not at the regular daytime but in the night. It starts blooming by 6-7 PM and opens up completely by midnight.

We consider ourselves lucky to witness this beautiful sight not just once but twice *touchwood* The entire room was filled with this sweet natural fragrance and just sitting beside the flower witnessing its beauty was peaceful in itself. This white flower opens up to the size bigger than your palm and it not only is a treat for your eyes and nose but also for your mind, it is just to calm and pretty. It is believed that if this flower blooms in your house, it also brings in good luck and prosperity to you.

If we think of it this way, do we value this flower more than the others because it is rare and not a daily event? Just because it blooms once a year, we wait for it eagerly and pay much more respect than even a bold Rose flower. The same goes with people, just because our closed ones are with us every day, we shouldn’t respect them any less. You never know when they will leave us. That’s why you must cherish every moment like it is rare.



Be rare, just like the Brahmakamal


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