The Body Wash Strawberry Body Polish

I prefer a body wash over a soap, any day! Its advantages are clean, hygienic, quantity as per use, easy to store. Sharing a soap not only is unhygienic but also unclean. Earlier, I was using another body wash but my sister asked me to switch to a better brand and suggested me to use The Body Wash Strawberry Body Polish. And I am damn sure I am not changing the brand anytime soon. I absolutely loved this product.


The gel-based Body Polish comes in an easy to use tube container. I love how refreshing the colors look. Believe me or not, but it smells super amazing. It also has these natural seeds in it which act like an exfoliator. Not a harsh one but a gentle one which can be used daily for a firm and clear skin.


How to use:

Just take a small quantity in your palms and gently massage in circular motion to lather up the foam. You can also use this with your loofah to get a perfect exfoliation and massage.



The Body Polish comes in a 200 ml container and costs just Rs. 650, which is not that expensive. I would happily pay that amount again for this refreshing, fragrant body wash.


I loved the little seeds in the Body Polish as it gently massages my skin and exfoliates on a daily basis too. The red color of the Polish is very attractive and soothes the eyes. It not only leaves your skin soft and nourished but also keeps it well hydrated and an aroma that will last all day long. 


Buy it.

PS: You can also take extra care of your skin by using The Body Wash Strawberry Lotion, post your shower to leave your skin super soft and fragrant.
I am addicted to this product, my bath is incomplete without this product.



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