Helping Hand

I remember the first day of my Yoga Class wherein we had to introduce ourselves in front of the whole class, that is around 60 odd people. The majority of the students were women, housewives. Before we started with the session, our Guruji said, “I can see that this batch has a lot of women, so I want you to do one thing, if you are a housewife, say it proudly.” And I completely agree with this. There is no need to add the prefix ‘just’ before saying, ‘I am just a housewife’. Being a housewife isn’t a matter of ‘just’, it is one thankless and non-paid job that has no breaks or vacations. If the man of the house isn’t around for a few days, it’s okay, but if the woman of the house isn’t there, the whole house comes crumbling down.

In just a matter of 3 months, I can see the difference in these women of my class, they have started appearing confident to me. They are now taking initiatives to start a conversation, even small things add up to become bigger things. All they needed was a helping hand or some dose of motivation and encouragement. Even if I forget about others and just talk about myself, I can feel the difference in me. I now feel good about myself and I can notice the difference in my confidence level while talking to people. How did this happen? Because instead of criticism, people around me motivated me, helped me, pulled me up and didn’t push me down.

In this world of chaos, where people are busy running in the rat race, we need more people who are ready to pull each other up and not the other way round. There is no bravery in pulling people down, but you will be looked up upon if you help others stand up on their feet with their heads held high. That is a good dead. To help fellow human beings grow with you not for you or after you, but with you.

Can you help and motivate someone today?

PS: You can talk to me if you want, I am ready to extend my hand for you. My email id is in the ‘About’ section.


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