One Shot!

Just a few days ago, I overheard two women talking in a restaurant about their children. It really annoyed me to a great extent what I happened to hear. So, one of them said, “I strictly told him (her son), you will not take Arts, you will either have to take Science or Commerce. No Arts. There is no set future in that field. Study hard for your 10th grade and get into some good college and then you will do Law. And that’s final!”

Isn’t this sad? Firstly, a child cannot pick his/her own career option. Secondly, parents don’t discussion and come up with better options as per the child’s interest, oh I forgot, who cares about the child’s interest? Blah. Thirdly, why not Arts?

I must say that I am lucky in this case. My parents never forced me to do anything, be it studies or otherwise. After my 10th grade, I got admission for Commerce and I had planned that I would do CA, but I changed my mind almost in a month and I told my parents that I want to take up Arts, not that I had got bad grades, because that is the common notion everyone has here in India, that if a student fails to get good marks, they have an option of taking up Arts. My parents just discussed with me with regard to what I have in mind and why Arts. And that was it. I remember, the very next day we visited various colleges to check if they still had any seats left. And that’s how I landed up being an Arts with IT student. I was proud of myself when I ranked Third in my college. Could Commerce give me that? Sure. But could it also give me the same happiness? Maybe not. Even after that, doing BMM was my choice. No one forced me into it. And I am glad for it.

Point being, when parents force their kids into the career choices of their interests, they are not doing any favour to their kids by ‘setting’ up their careers. No, they are intact ruining it. Fine, your kid will get a good job, earn good money, but what after that? Will your kid go to bed being satisfied? No. They will regret each and every day. The thought of ‘I wish I had had the guts to follow my heart, I would have now become a world famous actor/musician/cricketer/writer/any other thing but this stupid desk job which only gives me money but no happiness.’

Let your kids fly, don’t cut their wings even before they take the flight. Let them be. Yes, they do need you, but as a strong support system. They need your guidance, but not enforcement. Be there for them, don’t decide for them.

And students or people in general, don’t run behind a secure job. Take the risk, if not now then when? Everything is on the other side of the fence. Jump across the fence, take the risk, take the leap of faith and see the magic unfold itself. Before settling for a secure and safe job, just once, once for yourself, for your own sake, try and give your 100% to the thing that you want to do. You can always rely on the backup option (safe job), that is only if you are not able to achieve your thing. If everyone becomes a Doctor or an Engineer, then who would entertain or play for the Nation? Be what you want to be, do what you want to do.

One sincere shot is all that it takes to completely change your life.



4 thoughts on “One Shot!

  1. I so agree. I took up science coz I had good grades, I should have chosen arts considering my interest in History and Literature. Though my parents never influenced the choice but somewhere the surroundings did.

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