The Cave

It’s just a bad day, everything will turn out to be.

Should I go by this quote? I don’t feel like going with it, though. Something happened today, something that I didn’t want to happen. I have just thrown myself into a cave after that, and no, I don’t feel like coming out of it.

All I want to do is sit by myself, write, and cry about how things are right now. There is nothing that I can do to change the current scenario. Others can, I can’t. And I feel helpless and useless about this fact. I wish I could magically turn this one meet into something else. Why does it happen that all your life, you just have to please others to get what you want? No, I don’t want to please anyone. But will I be able to do it if that anyone is my family? No. I will have to, or rather someone else will have to.

Time, time is not with me. I just have 3-4 years maximum to completely change the current scenario. Else, I can see what will happen. Today will repeat itself. I felt bad, it just pricked me somewhere deep inside, as this was something that I wasn’t expecting, at all. But it happened, and it just hurts, badly.

I am still looking at this whole situation positively, as it is said, ‘It is just a speed-breaker and not the end of the road.’ But I just want to sit in my cave for some time now. 3 years, I will do it, don’t know about others. I will do it.

But for now, the present moment, the cave is my home.


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