YogaDiaries – Week 11

This week we again had a practice session of all the Shudhikriyas like Tratak (candle gazing), Vaman, Jal Neti, Sutra Neti. With the personal and proper guidance, I was able to perform all of them with ease and more than anything it just felt so good after doing them. It was indeed a proper detox.

We also learnt many more Asanas and it somehow I feel good after learning them. Now whenever I attend a social gathering and people ask me what I am doing in my life, I proudly say, ‘I am learning Yoga.’ I have already started getting Yoga related queries and I feel so proud of myself when I answer them. It feels as if ‘Yay! I am able to answer the question, because I have put in efforts to learn about it.’

I can’t wait to learn more and enhance my knowledge!

Keep Learning
|| Hari Om ||


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