Is it worth it?

Here’s a quick story that I think everyone should read at least once, I promise I’ll keep it short.

One day, a carpenter left his workshop, locked it and went home. Out of nowhere, a snake sneaked inside the workshop in the middle of the night in search for some food and shelter. Little did the poor guy know that there was an axe lying on the ground, and as he was gliding around, he accidentally touched the axe and got a little cut. He got furious and thought that the axe tried to hurt him intentionally, so he tried to bite it in defence. Again, he ended up hurting his own mouth. This further added fuel to his anger. So he tried to strangle the axe and wrapped himself around the axe. Nothing happened to the object, but he ended up choking himself. The next morning when the carpenter came to the workshop, he saw a dead snake lying around the axe.

Moral of the story?

When we are angry at someone, we try to hurt them to make ourselves feel better. But is that how it goes? No, instead we end up hurting ourselves more than that other person.

So the next time you get really angry and try to take any sort of revenge, just think once,
“Is it worth it?”



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