August Favourites!

For me, August was a long month. A month full of changes, surprises and emotions. I learnt new ways of dealing with situations, kind of feel more confident about myself too.

I finally bought the legging pants from ZARA, on which I had my eyes since some time.

I am enjoying my Yoga course and looking forward to learning more about it. I was also appointed as the Group Leader.

Last day at work:
Remember about my resignation? It was my last day at work on 12th August, post which we went out for my farewell dinner. (And I was asked to rejoin in the same month as well)

Day out:
After ages I went to town side, Kala Ghoda and Colaba area, Mumbai. We went to 145 café and Gokul. It was such a nice day. I really wanted a break from my daily routine. The day was all about food and good time.

I have started giving more time to my blog and I’m loving it! I promise to continue doing that and more, no matter what.

Also got another assignment for freelancing.

Somaiya College:
It was almost after 3 years that I went back to my Junior College for some inquiry and eating food in the college canteen and 
Maggi House. It was kind of nostalgic and surprising about how much the college has developed since then.

How was your August? Let me know in the comments below, I love knowing more about you guys!



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