YogaDiaries – Week 7

Well well, this week was quite good. The group is now bonding, I am getting along with everyone else in the class, things are now in order. This week we focused more on Shudhikriyas, which are nothing but the detox that our body needs in order to live a healthy life.

Vamana Dhauti, a shudhikriya in which we had to drink water and vomit it out, to clean the stomach.
Jai Neti, in which we had to pour water in one nostril with the help of a Neti Pot and remove it from the other nostril.
Sutra Netri, to clean the nasal cavity by inserting a catheter into one nostril and pulling it out from the mouth and gently massaging the nostril and the throat.

I was able to do most of it, but practice is the key here. All the shudhikriyas have a proper technique that needs to be followed and should be done under expert guidance/supervision only, until you are certified to do it on your own.

PS: While coming home today, I was completely drenched in the rains. First of the season, even though it’s been 2-3 months to monsoon now.

Stay clean and healthy
|| Hari Om ||


4 thoughts on “YogaDiaries – Week 7

  1. I like a good Jal Neti in the morning. The sutra is very challenging for many – how neat you get to learn and experience all of this. I learned during my 500 Hour training in Kerala, we did all of the cleanses – it was good reminder on the simple ways to detox for the body + mind. xo

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