Human or Animal?

“She is such a bitch, I tell you.”

“Stop barking like a dog.”

“Such an ass!”

“Well, he is just monkeying around.”


The humans have evolved from the apes but they just don’t want to let go of their animal side now, do they?

Here we emphasise on brands like ‘Being Human’ but are we even human beings for that? Now if you say we are, then why are we always high on our animal instincts rather than our human instincts. Shouldn’t be behaving more like humans than animals?

Why do we feel the need to compare everything to an animal? Faster than a horse, quick like a rabbit, creepy like a lizard, why do we have to symbolise everything?

Animals are more intelligent than a human being then, they have better sense. Isn’t a dog more loyal than your ex? If we like comparing humans to animals then I guess its time to learn a thing or two from them and actually apply it in our lives!

Curb your animal instinct and embrace the human being in you. Make the world a better place for you and for others. Live and let live and support each other.

Be a human, not an animal.


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