YogaDiaries – Week 6

With every passing week the Asanas are getting more and more difficult. I couldn’t attend one class from this week because I wasn’t felling well, the acidity had gone up tremendously owing to the antibiotics that I was taking for the boils and plus I couldn’t get enough sleep the previous night.

New Asanas were introduced to us this week, and I feel guilty to admit it that I wasn’t able to perform them well. I mean, I can do anything with my legs, they are quite strong, but sadly I can’t say the same about my arms. And for this one particular asana, we had to put all our body weight on our arms. Hansasana, is the name.

Also, we have started preparing for Shirsasana, the headstand pose, and again, I wasn’t able to do it correctly. I am kind of worried but also dedicated and motivated to nail the asanas correctly. I will practice till I am perfect.

Try and try till you succeed
|| Hari Om ||


3 thoughts on “YogaDiaries – Week 6

  1. Hi Juhi, why are you so serious about the arm or legs strength. It seems like you are pushing yourself under pressure. I think that yoga practising can not be impatient. The purpose of asana makes us fresh, strong and healthy, so dont put nervous and stre to yourself. If today you can not do that pose, but a certain time you can do this, without any forcing. Enjoy!

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