YogaDiaries – Week 5

A month has already gone by, 11 months to go now. Time flies when you are doing something that you love, right? This was my first week as the Group Leader, and boy it is quite a responsible task! Even though I am the youngest one in the group/class, elders come up to me in the tea break to clarify their doubts, ‘Juhi, can you share with us the running notes?’, ‘Juhi, can you show me your assignment?’ and more. I even get calls on weekdays from my group mates now. Even though it is a responsible job, I love it.

This week we got some more books, fat books, which I also had to bring home of those people who were absent on that day. Only I know how I managed to carry the books, my bag, yoga mat and my umbrella on a two-wheeler. And to add to that, I had also got this big painful boil on my arm which even restricted me to do the Asanas.

This week was not that good in terms of Asanas, because the boil was very delicate and painful and to add to my misery I got another boil at the back of my head the very next day. Which meant, bye-bye ‘lying on the back Asanas!’

I am yet to start reading the books, as I was really caught up with other stuff, but I think I am going to do that this week and ace up my game.

|| Hari Om ||


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