I was actually writing another blog post, but just then I got a text message, ‘You might want to check my blog.’ I was typing in the URL, when I was thinking to myself, ‘Okay, it will just be another movie review or some life philosophy, it would obviously not be something personal.’ And there it was, with the title ‘Her’. My heart was in my mouth already, because I knew it was about me. Someone whose writing style I adore, has written a post about me, on his blog!

Words, just mere words, are so powerful in themselves that at times they can convey your emotions so well, you don’t need anything else. I was touched, rather greatly moved by reading that blog post, I had tears in my eyes with just those few lines, happy tears I must say. That’s the beauty and power of words. They can be just words conveying a command, or words breaking your heart, or making you happy, making you laugh, motivating you, inspiring you, or being just mere words for the layman.

Words have the power to make you fall in love with the same person, all over again.

Do one thing today, just drop a text message or write a letter to the person you love the most, just tell them that you love them and let the words cast their magic spell and do the rest.

Keep Writing


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