Isn’t this simple yet beautiful?

The Daily War

At times she’s complicated, and at times mysterious,

But most times she’s the simplest of creatures, innocent and curious.

She’s a free spirit, escaping the entrappings of the world,

Like a butterfly, gliding through cobwebs unfurled.

He loves her to the moon and he loves to see her fly,

And he’ll hunt you down and cut you up, if you happen to make her cry.

That escalated quickly, but she’s worth more than everything in this world,

And even if its forever, it’s she who in his arms he’ll hold.

While this poem may be cheesy, to love her is easy,

Even the simplest of surprise and she’ll be all queasy.

So let him tell her one more time, that about her he is crazy,

And he’ll love her in all weathers, bleak, bright or hazy.

[Dedicated to my lady love, Juhi]

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