YogaDiaries – Week 3

This weeks Yoga class kind of pushed me into thinking what I really want out of this course. Of course it is going to give me the peace that I need, along with health benefits, but was that my ONLY aim for enrolling for this course? No.

I enrolled myself for this course to learn in-depth about Yoga and for in-general well-being. I won’t deny that I even want to open my own Yoga Studio someday, too. But, this week kind of got me thinking if that is what I actually want to do. I will be able to do that, but who will help pass on this knowledge to the next generations?

Earlier, knowledge was passed on from one generation to the other and that is how we know of it today. But now if you ask any youth in India, ‘What do you know about Yoga?’ or ‘How do you know about Yoga?’ The answer is definitely going to be from one of these: Baba Ramdev, Shilpa Shetty, Rujuta Diwekar or Kareena Kapoor Khan. But ask a youth, ‘What is Yoga?’, ‘What is Pranayama?’, ‘What is the importance of OM?’ or simply ‘What are the benefits of Yoga?’ You won’t get a good answer.

This is a major issue: awareness ! Who will pass on the knowledge to this generation now? Will Yoga end abruptly in the place of its origin? This is wrong. This knowledge needs to passed on and everyone who is learning Yoga, should do their bit to generate more awareness and excite the youth towards it.

Learn – Practice – Spread Yoga
|| Hari Om ||


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