July Favourites !

July has been a good good month for me ! But somehow it felt like a loooong month that just didn’t seem to finish. This long month had quite a few favourites for me !

Monsoon Sale:
What can be better than starting a month with a bang with some amazing shopping in the monsoon sale? We have these Flat 50% monsoon sales in almost every other mall in Mumbai, and we being the loyal shoppers, make the most of it. I did my share of shopping too, the only difference was that it didn’t burn a hole in my pocket but my sister’s pocket ! I raided brands like ONLY, Marks and Spencers, The Body Shop, Maybelline and many others.

The Date:
This date was very special to me and the most beautiful part of this month. Actually, it’s going to happen every year now (If You Know What I Mean). So, this date happened at a nice and newly opened restaurant – Bombay Vintage, Mumbai. And if you are from Mumbai and wish to read the review about this restaurant, then follow me on Zomato, my handle is @assortedcognition


If you have read my blog – Change is the only Constant, you would know how things have changed after college, everyone has got busy and having a sleepover with my girls was next to impossible. But, somehow, just somehow a few of us who are left, we managed to have a sleepover amidst all the work chaos, busy and tight schedules, we managed to come together for a night and have a sleepover just like old times. Of course we missed the others, but it was good being with the girls again. We gossiped, got drunk, shared our deep secrets and all-in-all it was just amazing to have a sleepover again.


Tarot Appointments:
So finally, after much procrastination and getting stuck in the daily work-life grind, I squeezed some time out and did what I love to do, Tarot Card Reading. I managed to give out a few appointments and take the time out for it. I just love doing that. And more than anything, it’s the satisfaction of having a great and accurate session with the client that I love the most. I am going to do more of this now.


Yoga Course:
Again, you must be knowing about my YogaDiaries, I joined a Diploma Course for Yoga and I’ll become an instructor in a year. I was looking forward to this since quite some time and finally it happened. (yay yay)

YogaDiaries - Week 1

I like cooking, but its just that I don’t like cooking in my kitchen. But, seeing my mother work everyday in the kitchen, kind of makes me guilty, so I have decided to share the load and help her as much as I can. I won’t lie, I didn’t help much, but at least I have started doing that and now I help her in the kitchen every once in a while.

Resigning from a good job was a big decision for me, it would stop my pay, my experience, everything. But it was something that I had to do, instead of being happy at the work place, I had started feeling negative, also I wasn’t getting a salary hike for my hard-work, so I thought to walk away from everything that was pulling me down and I just took the leap of faith. Good that I did.

So this was about my July, how was July for you? Let me know in the comments, I would love to know more about you !



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