YogaDiaries – Week 2

I have enrolled myself for a weekend course, because I have to manage my job, my freelancing bit, Tarot Card Reading appointments and friends and family throughout the week (not easy)! With the classes happening just on the weekend I can’t wait for Saturdays. The peace and calm that it brings in my life. I feel so good with Yoga.

So, the second week was good. We are a batch of around 50 students and I am the youngest one over there. Initially it was kind of difficult to get along with the grown ups as they being of the same age group and background, kind of connected instantly over common topics. But being the youngest one I was getting lot of attention (I like-y) in terms of, ‘Are you studying?’, ‘Oh you don’t look like you have completed your graduation’, ‘Its good to start off at a younger age’, ‘You’ll be the youngest instructor amongst us’ and more. (Yayy! I’ll be the youngest instructor amongst them).

I kind of felt like a scene from the Saturdays class was pulled out of the Harry Potter movie, the part where they were allotted their respective houses. Our batch was divided in groups of 6-7 people, for communication and project purpose. Our group names are based on the Chakras, and I think I got the best Chakra – Manipura Chakra, also known as the Gem Centre (Gryffindor, it is!)

The theory part also commenced this week, and let me tell you, it is not as easy as it seems to be. There is so much theory and knowledge behind every Asana, Shloka, Meaning of Yoga, it is astounding.

Let me know if you guys want to know more in detail about the Asanas right from beginning too, and I shall be happy to share it with you.

YogaDiaries - Week 1

|| Hari Om ||


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