Don’t Claim Your Baggage !

When you are out there in the real world, dealing with the work load, stress, negativity, unhappiness, tiredness, in short every thing that pulls you down, only you know what happens in your shoes. Your shoes know everything, it carries the weight of your baggage. And do you know how you can shed this weight? Its pretty simple. Every time that you enter your house and take off your shoes, collect all your tensions, your stress, your baggage and leave it with your shoes. Do not enter your house with the baggage-soiled-shoes. Leave them at the door. And the next day when you want to wear your shoes again, it is upto you whether you want to wear the backpack of your baggage or not.

There is no point of behaving rudely or badly with your closed ones just because you have had a rough day outside in the real world. Leave all that at door, and be happy and tension free when you are away from all that mess.

What is the use of being burdened with tensions when you can just shake it off when you are away from it? Learn to let go and take one moment at a time. Life is not that difficult. You can either make yourself happy or miserable, the amount of work will remain the same. So why not be happy?

Do anything but don’t claim your baggage.

Think over it !



6 thoughts on “Don’t Claim Your Baggage !

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