If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands !

How and when do you know that you have taken a good decision? When you feel happy from the inside right on the day of taking the decision! When you already start feeling like you finally have some time for yourself. When everything seems a blur, but you enjoy the blur.

So, I resigned from my job today. I was thinking about doing that since quite sometime now, and I finally did it today. My sole intention for doing this job was money. Nothing about growing, learning, future, experience. Just money. That is the first and clear sign that I shouldn’t be doing it, right? Anyway, I met some different people here. My boss’ were good people. I had my share of experience in these 5 months. But it also made me realise and push me towards my goal, of being my own boss. I am in a happy sphere now.

I was kind of nervous on how my dad would react to this sudden news that I went to office and just resigned one fine day. But, to my surprise, he said, “You left it? No problem. But are you happy now? Because that’s what matters. It’s alright, until you close one door you won’t really look for other doors. Opportunities come and go. Do whatever your heart wants.”

I feel like some kind of weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It’s done. All the worrying about less salary, over-work, responsibilities, being around the ex-best friend (apparently, she know considers me to be a negativity in her life, its better to walk away from that too, right?), having no time for myself or for my close ones, its all going to be over now.

If you like it, do it, if not, then don’t. Don’t force yourself for anything. Take it easy.

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands ! *Clap-Clap*

Follow your heart


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