Being Instinctive !

Never second guess your first instinct !

I think I should practically live by this quote. I miss being instinctive and doing things even if I have had a minor thought about it. I don’t know why I have fallen into this loop of thinking things through. Sure, that is a more preferred and logical method, but somehow that has never really worked out for me. I do things the way I want to, I will take the advice of everyone, but ultimately it will always be my decision. Because that way, even if things don’t work out for me, I will know that it is solely because of me and I won’t even think to put the blame on somebody else.

Being instinctive is good in a way, because you do what your heart desires, weighing the pros and cons is a secondary thing. But at least you will do something that your innocent heart wants and not what your practical brain wants. Sometimes, it is good to be like a child and have the same innocence while doing things. They are happy, aren’t they? Even if its after painting the wall with multi crayons. That’s okay.

Do what your heart desires. Else, you’ll end up regretting the decisions you didn’t take because of practicality. Just do it. That way, even if you fail at it, you will know that you at least gave it a shot and tried. Never go against your gut feeling. It knows the best.

Follow your heart and lead a simpler and happy life !



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