Such is Life..!

Not everyone that you meet in this journey of life, will appreciate or value you. Not everyone is going to be good to you. Not everyone will hold you close and be your constant. No. Because such is life.
People will walk in and out of your life, they’ll push you down, step on you to rise up, use you, love you-care for you-ditch you, such is life.
People will hurt you, they’ll create chaos in your life, but remember to let go of such people, you don’t want more troubles in your life, because such is life.
Learn to smile over your problems, get over your troubles and make peace with the chaos, as such is life.
It teaches you look at a person in a different perspective, understand the other person better, you never know what he/she is going through, do you? Such is life.
Cherish the memories, incorporate the good qualities, treasure the photographs, but let go of that person, because such is life.

Such is life, my friend, such is life. One day everything is normal, and the next day things turn so chaotic that nothing seems to be as near as normal. Don’t put yourself down or think negative about yourself, just because people think you are that way, no, you aren’t that, and you know it. With every blow that knocks you down, put your head up and stand up strong. Face it.

At times, the thing that hurts you the most isn’t that situations can’t get back to normal, it is that people who were close to you start thinking differently  about you. And you sit there thinking, is that what they think about me? After all this time, this is what they think about me? It hurts. But, such is life.

Put your head up, stand up strong and work hard, let your success do all the talking, because such is life..!



5 thoughts on “Such is Life..!

  1. Hey Juhi,
    That was great! ‘Such is life’ very well said. Saw your blog today after along time,everything was different and good. New Instagram account and Watsapp account will make this more interactive .Great idea keep going and keep inspiring.Would like to do something for your blog if you don’t mind. Will get back on this soon.Adios 🙂

    • Hey,
      Thank you. Glad to know that my blog is inspiring. And if you don’t mind can I ask you how would you like to do something for my blog? (Please let me know about it first) Keep Reading !

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