Memory Jar – DIY

Memory Jars are fun and they are a great way to re-live the precious moments of your lives. I made this small memory jar last year, only to see what the buzz is all about. And trust me, it felt so good to read all the memory chits after almost a year! Make a memory jar for yourself and cherish your memories in the form of chits, forever !

What is it: Memory Jars are basically jars in which you put in your chits. What chits you ask? Well, if you had a great day or even if you did something worthwhile or something that you loved about the day, you write it down on a piece of paper, fold it and put it in the jar. Then after a year, preferably New Years, open your jar and look back at all the beautiful memories that you created and re-live them.

Things required:

  • A jar
  • Different colours of card paper (I used my old scrapbook pages)
  • Decorative materials. 

jar  71s99NIb75L._SL1440_

How to make it: You can decorate your jar the way you want it. I made a paper cut of ‘Memory Jar 2016’ and stuck it on the inside of my jar. But you can be as creative as you want to. Then make chits out of the card paper and you are done.


memory-jar-2  mason_jar_memory_jar_with_monogram

My Memory Jar:


Isn’t this easy? Try it on yourself and show it to me on Instagram (tag me: @assortedcognition)

Get creative and Do It Yourself !


Images taken from Google.


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