Close the door!

Take a deep breathe, count till 3 and release. Do this thrice and then once you have calmed yourself down, think about what you really want. If even 1% of your thinking process seems to be doubtful or negative about your certain problem, then that’s a clear cut indication that you need to do anything but that. Inhale the positivity and happiness and exhale the negativity. Life is too short to crib about things or rather do anything that doesn’t make you happy, after all You Only Live Once, right? (YOLO)

If a thing/job/situation/person isn’t making you happy, leave it. Trust me, don’t think twice and just leave it.

Opportunity knocks only on closed doors. So if you don’t close the door, you won’t give a chance to a great opportunity. Take the leap and trust yourself. Follow your heart! You don’t want to grow old and think back in time and regret the decisions you didn’t take, do you? Do everything that you want to, that way you won’t think to yourself, “I should’ve done that.” Instead you’ll be able to say, “I did that.”

It is always better to try and fail than to fail and not try. Take the leap, have faith and believe in yourself. And remember to always close the door on something that is not making you happy.



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