Today is a Gift!

Some food for thought:

The past is in the past, its history, you can’t change it. What’s done is done, there is no way you can undo or redo it, so there is absolutely no point in cribbing over it. The milk has been spilt! And the damage has been done.

Tomorrow never comes. I am not being negative here, but think of it, do you have any guarantee that you will wake up in the morning and see the daylight again? Again, I am not putting fear in your mind, but are you sure that the cab you took to reach home won’t get crashed in an accident?

So, how can we push our dreams and goals for the future when no one can assure you of a future? How can we make our decisions based on past-experiences?

All you have is today, a day where you are alive! Make the most of it. This very moment is the gift in your hand, use it, you won’t get it again. A moment lost is gone forever.

Think how you wish to live your life, or waste your life. Make the most of the time that you have in your hand. Accomplish your goals, chase your dreams, make new memories, live, love, laugh, eat, discover, click more pictures, record more videos, write to leave something behind, help others, spread love!



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