Zombies, everywhere!

Wherever you go, look towards your left, look towards your right, turn around, look straight ahead, one thing is sure to be there – Zombies, Corporate Zombies.

Corporate Zombies are those species that are trying to over power the hidden talents and desires in themselves. They look somewhat like an over-grown tortoise, only they don’t carry their homes on their backs, but they always have these huge laptop bags on them.

These Zombies work for other people and are happy with whatever money they make. They have a fixed schedule for themselves: Monday-Friday they will work from ideally 9 AM to 5 PM, also please note that they also value time more than anybody else. Because a minute here or there costs them to miss their public transport to work. So they run around in the mornings to reach their work place on time. Then by the time it’s evening and their time to go home, they are so drained, that they don’t have any energy left in them to do any other activity like being with their family and friends, or simply finishing off the pending work. Weekends are reserved for having some rest and finishing off the pending work. Nobody looks happy while going to work in the morning, and while coming back, they are so tired that they doze off in the public transport. And well, this goes on in a loop, forever and ever.

Sure we need money to live life, but not at the cost of killing your passion and dreams, just to accomplish someone else’s dream. No! Find your inner passion, and run behind it. It’s okay even if you don’t make much money out of it initially, but you’ll definitely make money as you will be putting in more efforts for your own dreams. More than anything, you will be happy. It’s never too late to start afresh. Why do we hear so much about mid-life career changes? That’s only because after making money, when people turn 50, they turn towards their passion that they had killed years back just to make money. But then, why is their this new work not stressful? It’s because they love it. So, put in more efforts towards your dreams and that will give you returns in various forms. Just trust yourself and try it.

Don’t be a Corporate Zombie. Be you! Do something that also gives you the time to be yourself, be with your family. After all, you just get one life to live. And you don’t want to live that life being a zombie, right? Do more! Be more! But enjoy your precious life and don’t waste it.

By the way, you know what? I am turning into a Corporate Zombie. But this won’t last long. And that’s a promise I am making to myself.


2 thoughts on “Zombies, everywhere!

  1. Corporate Zombies! Apt word to describe corporate employees. Well most of them lose their social and family lives just to make a career which as you rightly said is not yours. You work for someone else’s dream and end up draining your energy and your life. Good article 😄😊

    • ‘If you don’t build your dreams, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs.’
      And I am glad you liked the article! ^_^

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