22nd Birthday!

Happy 22nd to me!

I was super duper excited for my birthday, but things didn’t quite work out the way I had planned them or wished them to happen. But every dark cloud has a silver lining, the silver lining to my rough birthday was a person. Just a cast of his magic wand turned my rough birthday into a Happy Birthday!

Anyway, coming straight to the point, it wasn’t the best birthday, but it was a nice and different birthday. It started off with calls and messages from friends and family at midnight, followed by an unpleasant incident. But somehow, I wasn’t really touched with all the messages and midnight attention that I got, is this how it feels to grow up?

The morning at home was nice initially, but then I got into a fight with my sister as I had nothing to wear (hey, this is not a typical girl expression, but I seriously didn’t have anything to wear) We got into a fight as it was only two days before my birthday when my sister took me shopping and we (she) spent Rs. 11,000. Fine, but they were denims and tops, no pretty birthday dress. (you get me, right?)

So for lunch there was a different plan, but at the last moment, the cab ditched us. So I ended up being at a local mall for my birthday treat. But like I said, magic wand, and everything fell into place. We had a nice lunch at British Brewing Co, Viviana Mall, which was followed by an impromptu plan at the gaming zone of the same mall. Ah! The fun that we had! It was after ages that I played at the gaming zone. We even won tickets! And we were so much better than the teeny tiny kids trying out their luck on the games over there. *evil grin*

For dinner, I went out with my family to a restaurant in United 21, it was just average, but we were together, so even that’s okay. Though, we had different plans but even they got ruined because my sister was being adamant.

Overall, it was a nice day. I am a year older now, though it doesn’t seem like it.

PS: I bought myself a birthday gift (signs of growing up, I guess) and I am writing this post with it, also my first blog post using it. MacBook Air !


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