Old is Gold!

Sure our lives move on once we are done with college and school, but one thing that I have learnt is that never ever, I repeat, never ever lose touch with your old friends. They are the people who know you really well. Let me tell you my story, it was as if I had lost complete touch with my school friends off lately, as I thought they don’t really care if I am with them for dinners or chilling out or anything. I tried being away from them, of course there were other reasons too, but point being, we had sort of lost touch. And trust me, I did miss them, I missed being around them. It was only recently that we all decided to meet up again as a friend of ours was coming back from London, so I thought that he is coming back all the way from there, the least I can do is walk down the street to meet them. I did. I had this misconception that they barely know me, since I don’t talk much. But it was at that moment when someone said something about me from the school days, and it forced me to think and recollect the memory that they had just mentioned.

I mean, they remember and know so much about me that I was overwhelmed. I had never expected that to happen. They have been a part of the growing up years, they have seen me happy, sad, angry, scared, irritated, everything. They have seen the ups and downs, they have seen me struggle, and they have seen me move one. I am happy to have them in my life. I don’t meet them often or we don’t text day in and day out. But I am glad to have them, each one of them. Because I know, they’ll be there for me when I need them. They will be there.

So, never ever let go off your friends for anything or anyone.

PS: Here’s a picture from the night I don’t remember much about! (you know why)



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