Hey, I Love You !

Think about one word, and now think about saying it all day, every day. It tends to lose its meaning, right? All that specialness that it holds, it just vanishes. And now think about the same word and using it only and only when it is needed. Feels special, right?

A girl gets complimented at every function or social gathering, all she does is puts up that smile and says ‘Thank you’, but she says that only for the other person to stop complimenting her. Sure she feels good about it, but that one compliment that she gets everytime doesn’t make her feel special everytime, does it? And when the same girl gets a different compliment which she thinks is straight from the heart, you can actually see a different smile when she says ‘Thank you.’

‘I love you,’ three beautiful words that can make any person feel wanted and loved. But try using the same three words all day, every day. It just loses its charm and meaning. It becomes like the first word you say when you answer a phone call – Hello.

Specials words require special moments. And when you end up using special words like a running water tap, then well the bucket does get full and wastes all the overflowing water.

Well, every person has a different shade.

I love this new Bollywood song the lyrics of which seem legit over here:
Mohabaat hai yeh ji huzoori nahi..


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