A complete day off is what I need right now. I don’t want anything else, but a day where I can just be with myself, somewhere near the sea sounds perfect right now. A day by the beach, sitting on the sand in some shaded place, enjoying the sea with that noise and fragrance, sipping on coconut water and that is nothing but heaven as of now!

Nothing is going wrong in my life, but still I feel like something is missing. I am kind of liking my job now, have plans for the future that I am going to execute well, family and loved ones are supportive and awesome as ever, though I wish I could get more time with them. I have started spending time with my school friends again, I am also getting in touch with all my long lost friends and it kind of feels good. Everything is fine, but something is missing.

I don’t get it why do I have this complete chaos in my head? Everything is fine, everything up here in my head is supposed to feel fine, then why is it not fine?

Argh! I need a vacation, my kind of party and time-out. No but I don’t want to go through the complete process of planning and then executing. Okay I will compensate with a holiday! I need one!


PS: I also need a similar picture at the beach!


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