Take it easy!

Best of both worlds? Sure! But what if I just want one world that has the best of everything? You can’t sail in two boats at the same time, can you? And you can’t even row one boat in two directions at the same time!

It is always better to do what your heart feels like, and not do things just because you want to please others, or ‘what-will-people-say/react-to-this’. Trust me, never ever do this. Because you won’t even know when this one small decision of yours can create havoc in your future life!

The past will always remain in the past, but you are what you are because of your past. Your past forms like a base to your existing being. So take wise decisions now so that you don’t end up regretting it in the future. The people and society are just there to talk behind your back, don’t take any decisions by keeping them in mind. After all they won’t stay with you forever, will they? Your family, close friends, and mostly ‘YOU’ are going to be constant in your life, these are the only people that will matter anytime: Yesterday, Today or Tomorrow.

Instead of aiming for creating two worlds for yourself, aim for one world and create a beautiful and happy life out of it. Things are not as complicated as they seem to be. Just let a few things go and accept a few things. It’s okay. Just don’t be hard on yourself. It’s okay.

And don’t keep worrying about the future so much that you forget to enjoy the present! It will all be okay.


PS: I need to practice what I preach, but again, it’s okay


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